Carvel Club Rules of Conduct*

1. All persons entering the Carvel Club premises will do so clean and sober. Drinking or the taking of any mind-altering drugs on these premises will not be tolerated.

2. Members and guests will refrain from loud talking and profane or other objectionable language.

3. Members and guests will refrain from panhandling or borrowing.

4. Members and guests will refrain from sales for personal gain.

5. Members and guests will refrain from engaging in or promoting gambling.

6. Members and guests are requested to be reasonable and pleasant, treating others as they would like to be treated themselves.

7. Religious and political arguments or rancorous discussion of any matter are to be avoided.

8. Members and guests are expected to park properly and within the limits marked on the parking lots. Violators will be requested to move their vehicles. Vehicles not moved when requested will be towed at the owner’s expense.

9. Children are welcome while under the supervision of a responsible adult.

10. Failure of a Board Member to maintain sobriety will be considered his or her automatic resignation.

11. The manager, manager on duty, or any officer or board member is authorized to enforce these rules by requesting that violators leave the premises. The Board of Directors may suspend or void membership, or bar any nonmember from Club property, for repeated willful violation of any house rules or for any contact deemed detrimental to the best interests of the Carvel Club.

12. Complaints should be made in writing to the president of the board or a board member.

*Pertaining to all staff, Board, members, and visitors while on Carvel Club property.