welcome home

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Welcome to the Carvel Club, the oldest continuing “club” in Indianapolis dedicated to supporting people who are seeking sobriety by attending 12-Step meetings and being surrounded by others who are committed to living a happy and joyous life free from alcohol and drugs.

Upcoming Meetings

Early Risers
Wednesday 6:45 AM
Men Only | Closed | Discussion
4627 @ 7
Wednesday 7:00 AM
All gender | Closed | Discussion
Wednesday 11:30 AM
All gender | Closed | Discussion

About the Club

Since 1948, the Carvel Club has been a home for AA and other 12-step recovery groups. The Club promotes the teachings of Alcoholics Anonymous but is not run by nor a part of Alcoholics Anonymous. Rather, we are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization governed by a board of directors elected by the Club’s membership.


  • Two large and one small meeting room available for rent by eligible organizations
  • Hot and cold beverages, food, snacks, recovery literature, tokens, and gifts available
  • Free parking, Wi-Fi, handicap elevator and restroom facilities
  • Seating lounge where people may dine, watch television, read, and/or meet with others in recovery
  • Onsite Al Anon office staffed during limited hours and offering Al Anon-related literature